Energy Audit

The first step towards net zero emissions is to measure and assess progress.  Nearly 15% of Staverton & Landscove households submitted their data for 2019 helping us generate statistical estimates for total parish CO2 emissions from domestic electricity and heating usage. We hope to persuade a larger number to join this year.

Submit your heating and electricity usage for 2020


It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get round to it last year.

We had a prize draw last year with 3 lucky winners, and expect prizes to be put up again this year.  But please get ahead and submit your data now – you’ll still qualify for the draw later in the year.

Year-by-year Actual vs Target Graphs

Click on these two links to see the progress graphs for heating and electricity.

The more households that submit data, the more accurate the graph will be. No individual data is shared.

More about the Energy Audit

  • Staverton Parish Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 aiming for Net Zero emissions by 2030.
  • We are starting with domestic electricity and heating as these are two very significant sources of emissions.  They are also areas where it’s difficult finding good information on how to go green.  The extent to which our group may be able to contribute to tackling other areas of emissions such as transport is still to be discussed.
  • The more households that participate, the better our data, and the more credibility we’ll have in pushing for financial support for people wanting to try and shift away from fossil fuels.
  • We will ask you to update your data each year to help highlight whether we’re on track.  If we’re falling behind, we can flag it up to SHDC, DCC, and our MP, which will reinforce our calls for help for people with funding.

What is the Climate Action Group?

  • Set up by Staverton Parish Council, this is a group of volunteers who want to help do something to reduce our emissions.
  • We meet monthly (on zoom these days).  More people are joining all the time.  There’s no commitment to do any more than come, and no expectation to come every month.  Contact Simon if you’d like to join in – or even just listen in.
  • Some people get involved in specific sub-groups like the biodiversity or transport groups.  Others just come to speak or listen at the monthly meetings.  The more the merrier :).

What is Net Zero Carbon

This means when all of the emissions from human activity are nil after deducting anything that absorbs carbon.  Looking at our parish, we will also deduct our estimate of total solar energy generated from non-green electricity used.  Technically, we should also estimate carbon absorption from planting trees etc.



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