Thanks to Malcolm Baldwin for these nature reserve photos.

The Wildlife Area

This is an untouched haven for flora and fauna, and is of significant ecological importance thanks to its location close to the river bank and its mixture of dry and wet woodland.  Read more about the importance, and increasing rarity, of such plots in the Telegraph’s Dec 14 article.

The Society will be purchasing and protecting this plot, along with the adjacent boardwalk (further down).

Please visit our fundraising page – any support you can give will be very much appreciated.

The Boardwalk

The land will be packaged along with the Wildlife and Conservation Area.   The boardwalk provides a connection between the river walk and the Staverton playing fields.

Landscove Allotments

Staverton Parish Council has been leasing this land from the Church in order to provide allotments for the community in Landscove.  The Church Commissioners decided to sell this land and gave first refusal the Parish Council at a price of £15,000.  In order to avoid losing the allotments, a vital service for any community, the Council needs to raise the money to buy the land from the Church.  Hence the reason the Council approached K J Thulborn Ltd for assistance, proposing the sale of the Staverton Wildlife Area (then thought to be nothing more than an unimportant patch of rough ground).

By purchasing this site with our soon-to-be-formed Community Benefit Society, we will not only be protecting it in perpetuity for future generations, but we will be helping ensure that Landscove can continue to offer an important service to parishioners who lack anywhere of their own to grow produce.

If you would like to help, please visit our fundraising page send us a pledge form.

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