Staverton Community Lottery

There are Three Good Reasons why you should participate in our local lottery


  • The monthly prize awards have gone up to £50 (first prize) and £15 (second prize).
  • Your £30 annual subscription makes a vital contribution towards keeping our lovely Court Room and Playing Field going so that you can continue to enjoy them.
  • You might win, as there’s only less than 100 participants!


Joining is very easy.  Register below and we’ll send you our bank details.

Why do we have a community lottery?

Originally, the lottery was created to help raise funds for the rebuilding of the burned down pavilion. It now provides an income of approximately of £100 per month that is used to help maintain the Court Room and playing field/pavilion.


The number of ball holders (Members) in 2019 numbered 56, paying an annual payment of £30 each. It is hoped that even more will subscribe this year. Every month, a first prize of £50 is awarded as well as a second prize of £15.


The draw is made monthly. Subscriptions run for 12 months from the month you join/renew.


The draw is made each at an opportune village gathering, such as the breakfast market, using someone not on the management committee to pick the balls. If you win, our Treasurer will contact you to give you your cash.


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