Climate Action Plan


This page provides an overview of the parish’s emerging climate action plan. For background on the Climate Action Group, click here.  Please join us and enter your baseline 2019 energy usage (“Domestic Heating” and “Domestic Electricity” boxes below). No individual data will be shared. Once you’ve entered your data, please spread the word 🙂

UK CO2 Emissions by Sector


So that we can focus our efforts appropriately, it’s helpful to look at a breakdown of UK emissions by sector.

Note that “Other Greenhouse Gases” are mainly farming and waste management (methane and nitrous oxide), which takes agriculture closer to 20% of total emissions. “Residential” is mainly gas and oil for home heating and cooking. Unfortunately international air travel is not included in UK government data, and nor are CO2 emissions embodied in the goods we import (including food).

Figures from government data: click here for report

Parish Action Plan

The plan is divided into different areas represented by the boxes below, with different groups of people working on each. As work progresses, you will be able to click to participate, or view further detail.

To submit your energy data, click on the “Submit your data…”.


Domestic Heating

Aim: Audit to establish total oil usage -> set annual steps for zero by 2030

 Submit oil or gas usage. Your data will not be public.
 View Results
 Tips for reducing your heating CO2


Domestic Electricity

Aim: Audit to establish total oil usage -> set annual steps for zero by 2030

 Submit 2019 usage. Your data will not be separately visible.
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 Tips for reducing your electricity CO2


Business Energy

Not started yet. Idea is to mirror the work on domestic energy.

58 business rated properties: pubs, workshops, industrial units, small no of holiday units etc



Transport group now formed. Contact John Forte 762423 if you’re interested. Working on hitch-a-ride scheme. Investigating potential for new cycle route to Totnes – Contact David Hendy



Not started yet. Contact Carmen Talbot on 762836‬ if you’re interested in helping.

Our food choices have implications for carbon emissions. How can we provide information for people wanting to lower the carbon involved in their diet?



Contact Carmen Talbot on 762836‬ if you’re interested.

Farming practices affect greenhouse gas emissions. UK farming will need more workers and funding to help achieve climate goals. Good news for the sector.
Can you help us consider what actions might help lower emissions and lock up carbon, and help share that knowledge?


Not started yet. Contact Carmen Talbot on 762836‬ if you’re interested in helping.

The UK’s CO2 emissions have fallen in recent years, but partly due to more goods being manufactured overseas. We are indirectly responsible for the CO2 embodied in those products when we buy them. Can the CEWG find guidance on carbon footprints of common products


Biodiversity & Environment

Tree planting group now formed. Contact Julia Bond on 01803 762624 if you’re interested in getting involved

 How to help
 BBC on how much woodland is needed


Not started yet. Contact Carmen Talbot on 762836‬ if you’re interested in helping.


What other sub-sections are needed? For discussion

Other ideas to consider

There is much to be gained from working together as a community and we aim to use the parish halls as venue for such as:

  • Drop-in sessions to help people submit their data – bring along your fuel / energy invoices
  • Information sharing sessions on things like switching to air source heating
  • Talks from experts

Easy changes you can make that don’t form part of the above plan

  • Use instead of Google for your internet searching. Ecosia uses its profits to plant trees. Over 72 million now planted – see how they operate. In contrast, Google pay almost no tax on huge profits. Set ecosia as your default homepage in your browser.
  • Switch to an ethical bank – list here. Traditional banks are helping fund the approx $500bn annual investment in developing new oil and gas fields – IEA report.
  • Run your house on renewable electricity: switch to a green electricity supplier. Click here for more info. It’s really easy. You just fill in a quick form online and the new supplier organises the switch. You may even save money!!
  • More ideas listed here

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