The allotments at Landscove have been worked since the early 1900’s under the management of Staverton Parish Council. In 2015, the parish council purchased the land from the Church Commissioners, thereby ensuring the continuity of this valuable parish asset.  There are currently 20 plots of varying sizes – and available to parishioners and those in neighbouring areas.  However, where a waiting list exists, preference will be given to applicants living in the parish.  As with most allotments there are rules and regulations – a copy is available from the Parish Clerk . The rental is due on 1st January annually and the rates are reviewed every autumn – but are maintained at reasonable levels.

As of Nov 2020, there are currently no vacancies for plots – however if you are interested in the allotments, or require more information, please contact the parish clerk, Karen Smith, on 07929 032570 or email, as she holds the waiting list.

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