Sustainable Staverton

  • We are a working group set up by the parish council set up following Staverton Parish Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2019.
  • Our aim is to share knowledge and ideas to help protect and restore biodiversity, and to work towards eliminating our carbon emissions.
  • We are made up of a growing number of Landscove and Staverton residents.
  • These days we meet on zoom, but hope to get back to meeting in one of the local pubs.
  • We welcome everyone. No commitment or specialist knowledge needed. We’re all working it out together.

Contact Details

Contact any of us for further info.

  • Chair: Simon Oldridge –
  • Transport group: John Forte –
  • Biodiversity group: Julia Bond –
  • Greener Homes: Simon Oldridge –

New Guide to Locally Sourced Food

We’ve gathered together a list of outlets which focus on locally sourced food, helping you cut your food miles, whilst supporting local farmers and producers. Click here.

Net Zero by 2030?

This parish council set a target of reducing our net emissions of carbon dioxide to zero by 2030. It’s a huge challenge that relies on government, but there is much we can do locally.  Our aim is to share knowledge and expertise in how to go about reducing carbon emissions in our homes, in transport, and all other areas of our activity. We can connect people interested in taking action with others who already have – it’s always helpful to see a solution in operation.

Energy Audit

One of the first steps to achieving our net zero target is to estimate the parish’s total carbon emissions. We’re starting with residential heating and electricity. Please join this initiative, with the chance to win any of three fantastic prizes. This data will help us in lobbying for more financial support from the local council and from government, as well as tell us whether or not we’re on track as we move towards 2030. These are the results so far for heating emissions. Click here for more graphs.

The Parish Climate Action Plan

For the emerging plan, click here – Parish Plan

We are developing sub-groups to examine each area of importance such as biodiversity, greener homes, transport and farming. No specialist knowledge is needed to join a group. Everyone can bring something to the table!

Climate Action Pages


Calculate your carbon footprint

There are a number of websites that help you estimate your annual carbon footprint – i.e. total greenhouse gas emissions caused by all your activities. This is the best I’ve found: click here.

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