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Staverton Parish Council Meetings

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Council held an Extraordinary Meeting to pass a Business Continuity Motion on Monday 23rd March 2020 at 7pm in the Pavilion on Staverton Playing Field. Find the Business Continuity Motion by clicking here.

This Motion stated that in-person meetings would be cancelled until the end of August 2020 (when the situation will be reviewed) unless the pandemic had significantly improved.

In the event, the Parish Council went on to hold digital meetings via the platform Zoom from April 2020 through until 5th May 2021 inclusive.  As of 7th May 2021, government regulations no longer allowed Parish Councils to meet virtually, and so the PC reverted to face to face meetings with effect from then.  Working groups are exempt from this and remain able to use remote meetings.

If anyone has any queries at all regarding the PC’s meetings, please contact the Clerk on

Meeting Dates 2022

No scheduled meeting in January

Wednesday 2 February                                  PC Meeting                                        Staverton

Wednesday 2 March                                       PC Meeting                                        Landscove

Wednesday 6 April                                           PC Meeting                                        Staverton

Wednesday 4 May                                           PC Meeting & AGM                         Landscove

Wednesday 1 June                                          PC Meeting                                        Staverton

Wednesday 6 July                                            PC Meeting                                        Landscove

No scheduled meeting in August

Wednesday 7 September                             PC Meeting                                        Staverton

Wednesday 5 October                                   PC Meeting                                        Landscove

Wednesday 2 November                              PC Meeting                                        Staverton

Wednesday 7 December                               PC Meeting                                        Landscove

An Annual Parish Meeting which is normally held in April/May was not held in 2021, instead a Newsletter was issued to update Parishioners on the previous year’s activity.  It is hoped that Annual Parish Meetings will resume once more from 2022.

Meetings will commence at 7pm, starting with the planning committee meeting and followed by the main parish council meeting.

Agendas (with start times) are posted on this website and on the noticeboards at Landscove and Staverton at least 3 clear days before the meeting takes place.

The public and press are very welcome to attend all meetings of the parish council, and will have an opportunity to speak in the public forum at the start of each meeting.


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