Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

UPDATE – Results of the survey are now available for everyone to examine online.  Click this link.



Dear Parishioner


As you may know by now, Staverton Parish Council is developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. This Neighbourhood Plan, when completed, will form part of the statutory planning policy for the parish alongside the Joint Local Plan that is currently being developed by South Hams District Council in conjunction with West Devon and Plymouth City Councils.

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan is a new legal right giving our parish community direct power to develop a shared vision for the parish and shape its development and growth for the next 20 years.

While the Neighbourhood Plan can only be written about land use issues that can be affected through the planning system and planning application, we are taking the opportunity in this questionnaire to also ask your opinion on a number of issues that affect daily life in the parish. So while this questionnaire covers more issues than the strict remit of Neighbourhood Plan development, we believe it will provide valuable information to enhance living in Staverton Parish.

By filling in this questionnaire as fully as possible you will be having your voice heard and have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a robust and actionable Neighbourhood Plan for Staverton Parish.

Central to the Neighbourhood Planning process is public engagement and consultation – and this questionnaire, which is going out to every household in the parish, is one of the cornerstones of that consultation process. It is therefore very important that everyone in your household who is 14 or over completes the questionnaire. We are including young people in the process, as it is their future we are planning for and we believe they should have an equal say.

So, please do take 20 minutes or so to complete the questionnaire.  And if you are the owner or manager of a business operating in the parish, we would be grateful if you would also complete the questionnaire for businesses.

We would much prefer you to use the online versions if you are able to, as it will help us collate and analyse the results more quickly and efficiently 

Questionnaire for Residents – click here

Questionnaire for Businesses – click here

The closing date is 8th September.

If you would like any further information about the questionnaire or would like some help in filling it in or need it collected please contact any of the following.   (Please replace “at” in the email addresses with “@” – a measure to avoid spam).

John Flaherty: johnflaherty11 at 01803 762702

Alison Alexander: alisonalexander at 01803 762291

Cheryl Loverock: cherylloverock at 01803 762677

Michael Loverock: loverock at 01803762677

Tony Avis: Tony.Avis at 077853323317

For technical problems with the online survey, please contact Simon Oldridge.  We look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire and will inform you of the results and the next stages in the Neighbourhood Planning process in due course.

If you would like to know more about the Neighbourhood Plan process or feel that you could contribute to the Steering Group, please contact me or any of the above Steering Group Members.

Many thanks

John Flaherty

Staverton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Coordinator

Click here to take the survey online.

Link to housing type definitions – for reference whilst completing the survey.  Suggest that you open this link in another window in case you need it.

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