Ecological & Environmental


This area is a wet woodland site with significant biodiversity and is of considerable ecological interest and merit.


Report on the alternative to using herbicides in the management of the Staverton Nature Reserve – Prof Manuel Barange:

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The Wildlife Trust issued a report on Dec 22 2014 highlighting the importance of small Local Wildlife Sites such as this and the urgent need to ensure their conservation. Their Director says “ There is a real and pressing need for Local Wildlife Sites – one of England’s largest natural assets – to receive the recognition of their true value to society…..Many are quiet, unnoticed wild places in which nature thrives…[they] are the Cinderella of the natural environment. All act as links and corridors between other important habitats and are crucial to securing nature’s recovery. They are vitally important for people as well as wildlife; bringing tangible benefits to local communities and contributing significantly to our quality of life, health, well-being and education.”

Environmental & Conservation

The area provides a natural backdrop to the Staverton river walk and must be conserved as such.

It also provides a green belt buffer between the industrial site currently occupied by Thulborn Ltd and the village, so blocking any possible extension of the industrial site.

Please help us in this campaign to save the Staverton Nature Reserve.  We are collecting pledges at the moment until our society has been legally conjured into existence.  You can complete a pledge form here, and also visit our fundraising page to see how much we’ve raised so far.

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