What can you do?

The climate action group is working on how to help the parish achieve Net Zero carbon by 2030. To a large extent, we are dependent on government action. In the meantime, here are some things you can do:

  • Switch to bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels like Co-op, Nationwide, or Triodos
  • Switch to green electricity – Octopus, Good Energy, Ecotricity, Green Energy. Octopus will pay our climate fund £50 for each house that switches. More info here.
  • Borrow the thermal camera to see where your insulation needs improving: www.staverton.org/camera
  • Replace your boiler with an air or ground source heat pump powered by green electricity.  Lots of info here.
  • Contact South Devon Community Energy for free advice on insulation, grants and switching energy provider, including home visits.  More info here.
  • Switch to Ecosia.org as your default search engine.  Ecosia plants trees with its profits.
  • Try to fly less
  • Demand your pension provider stops holding fossil fuel investments on your behalf
  • Eat less meat. When you do, try and eat locally and naturally fed.
  • Car share, hitch, walk or cycle (we are lobbying for cycle and foot paths)
  • Choose electric when you replace your car.  New study shows total cost over four years are LESS than diesel despite higher purchase price.  If you switch to a green electricity tariff, your car will be zero carbon in use.
  • If an electric car is too expensive, check the AA advice on driving slower, more smoothly etc.  In tests, people saved up to 33% on fuel costs!
  • Use a carbon footprint calculator to estimate your carbon emissions: www.carbonfootprint.com
  • And then donate money to offset those emissions with an organisation that invests in carbon-saving projects: e.g. Leapfrog
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • Get involved in the local climate action group – check here for the next meeting.  Just come along to see what it’s about – no commitment needed.
  • Sign up to the parish email to stay in touch – www.staverton.org

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