Domestic Heating (Oil & Gas) – Actual vs Target

This graph shows the parish’s total CO2 emissions from domestic heating in 2018, based on data entered by parishioners. We have then created a stepped target to zero by 2030. Each year, we will ask everyone to enter their latest usage data, so we can see actual performance against target

To make sure we’re working from good data, we’re asking as many people in the parish as possible willing to submit their oil or gas usage for 2018. Total heating emissions are then automatically estimated for the parish based on total number of houses. As people add their data, the estimate will improve in accuracy (with a bigger sample size). If you haven’t entered your 2018 data, please join us and fill in the form:

Submit your data

Alternatively, we’ll be running drop-in sessions in the village halls where you can bring some old bills and we’ll help you.

Graphs and data on this page will update automatically 5 or 10 mins after you enter your data.

In January 2020, we will ask people to enter their 2019 data, and we’ll repeat the exercise each year until 2030. Actual data will accumulate on this graph, giving us a sense of whether the parish is on track in its aim to achieve zero carbon.

The more people that participate, the better our estimated emissions will be. The following graph shows how many households have participated so far, out of a total of 356 houses.

Household Averages


If you want to review the calculations behind the above graphs, the following table shows the data used to generate the above charts. Any feedback gratefully received.

NB No individual data will be shown. This project is about reducing the carbon emissions of the whole parish.

For, further detail on the methodology used, including why wood isn’t included, click here

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