Domestic Electricity: Actual vs Target

This is a calculation of total parish emissions from electricity use based on averages per house. Each year, we will ask everyone to enter their latest usage data, so we can see actual performance against target. The parish target is net zero by 2030, and annual reductions have been automatically calculated in 12 equal steps to take us to zero in 2030.

Please enter your usage for 2019 with the chance to win one of three fantastic gifts. Each extra house improves the accuracy of this data, helping us lobby for better grants, and understand what we need to do to hit Net Zero carbon.

Submit your data

Alternatively, bring your bills to one of the Saturday markets and we’ll do it for you.

The data in this graph is from submissions by parishioners, scaled up to estimate for the whole parish using total number of houses

In January 2020, we will ask people to enter their 2019 data, and we’ll repeat this each year. Actual data will accumulate on this graph, giving us a sense of whether the parish is on track for zero carbon.

Graphs and data on this page will update automatically 5 or 10 mins after you enter your data.

Household Averages

Data behind the Charts

The following table shows the data used to generate the above charts. No individual data will be shown. This project is about reducing the carbon emissions of the whole parish.

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