Covid extension: still time to convert from oil heating and benefit from generous RHI grant

The government has extended the RHI grant deadline by 1 year for ground or air source heat pumps for domestic applications.  This means projects must be completed by March 2022.  The RHI can pay up to around £34,000 over 7 years depending on the size of your house, and how efficient the heat pump is.  Detail here.

The government’s “Committee on Climate Change” wants a huge step up in the pace of replacing oil and gas boilers in order to achieve UK’s climate targets. They are telling the government that 15 million homes must converted to heat pumps or other green options by 2035.  So far, 95,000 homes have been converted under the RHI scheme since 2011.  This acceleration in pace is set to become a very big issue.  More here.

It’s expected that the RHI will be replaced with another scheme after March 2022, but there is also talk of using ‘stick’ as well as ‘carrot’.  New regulations could kick in when you sell your house.  And with government borrowing soaring as we fight Covid, it is very unlikely that we’ll see grants as generous as the RHI, which can pay a total of up to around £34,000 over 7 years depending on house size.    And whatever form regulation takes, it won’t be long before home buyers are expecting price reductions for the burden of dealing with a polluting oil or gas boiler.

If you can afford the up-front cost, my advice would be to contact your heating engineer to explore the options of converting to air source or ground source heating, and benefit from RHI before it’s too late.

I’m currently in the planning phase of a project to install ground source heating.  I’ve obtained a number of quotes and have learned a lot.  I’m very happy to share what I know if you contact me on or 01803 762 740.

More on heat pumps here.

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