Parish Council fighting Public Toilets Closure

South Hams District Council have informed Staverton Parish Council that the public toilets in Staverton are going to be closed unless Staverton Parish Council takes them on.  SHDC estimate the annual costs at £7,000 per year.  This is surely excessive, but even if the true cost is a somewhat lower, it still would represent a huge chunk of the council’s budget of approx £15,000.

The parish council is fighting this closure and has written the following letter to SHDC.    The council has discovered that SHDC made a substantial payment to Stoke Gabriel council to help them take over their public toilets (£7,500 per year for five years).  Staverton PC has written to SHDC to request the same deal and SHDC have stated that they are no longer offering this deal.

If you agree with the council and are unhappy about this, please add you voice and make a complaint to SHDC.


Download (PDF, 187KB)

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