Local Covid Update

As the Covid crisis continues to decline locally, the Parish Emergencies Coordination Team are now standing down – at least for the time being. We will, however, remain alert to any signs of a local spike or more widespread second wave and get back into action if and when circumstances require.

Cheryl Loverock is willing to continue collecting prescriptions for anyone vulnerable who is still being shielded, but we ask those not in that group to now make their own arrangements for collecting their prescriptions.

We would like to say a special thank you to Cheryl and Michael Loverock for being the point of contact and for the support they have given many parishioners throughout the lockdown.

And many thanks also to the band of parishioners who joined our pool of volunteers – although, happily, we didn’t need to call on many of them.

Devon County Council have just issued their management plans for coping if there is further outbreak of the virus in Devon. If you are interested, an overview (with links to the full plan) can be seen here.

Let’s hope there won’t be further outbreaks affecting us and life can continue on the road back to normal.

Best wishes – and stay well!

Staverton Emergency Coordination Team

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