How to reduce CO2 – Domestic Electricity

Switch to a Green Electricity Tariff

Switch to a 100% green tariff. Some suppliers are greener than others. There are come complicated issues surrounding the supply of green electricity, with some suppliers kind of cheating. We have looked at the information available from the Energy Saving Trust, a recent Which? report and Friends of the Earth and can advise that the following suppliers really are green, and are pushing forwards renewable generation capacity. Links below if you want to read more about the issues.

  • Good Energy
  • Ecotricity
  • Green Energy
  • Octopus

The first two are considered the best (greenest) but are of course slightly more expensive

Further information:

Reduce your usage

Even if you are buying green electricity, it is still very worthwhile to cut your consumption as there isn’t enough renewable capacity to go around. Here are some ideas – to be worked on at parish meeting

  • Change any old incandescent bulbs to LED
  • etc
  • etc

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