Climate Emergency

Please join our project to work out the parish’s overall energy usage and set targets by entering your “baseline” 2018 usage of oil/gas and electricity – Parish Plan (scroll down to the “Domestic Heating” and “Domestic Electricity” boxes)


The Parish Plan

For the emerging parish plan, including the energy audit, please click here – Parish Plan

This is largely an empty framework at the moment. Over the coming week, it will be updated to include ideas generated in the first Citizen’s Assembly. Please follow the link above to submit your heating and electricity baseline usage for 2018 so that we can assess over parish energy usage. No individual data shared. To get a good idea of overall energy usage, we need as many people as possible to participate, so please spread the word.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Simon Oldridge has bought a thermal imaging camera and is lending it out to parishioners for a voluntary donation of £5 or £10. The camera cost £430. The camera plugs into, and only works with, an iPhone which acts as the screen. Contact Simon on if you’re interested in borrowing it. More info including example pictures.

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