Funding for Green/Eco initiatives

Grant Application Form – Riverford Organics Parish Donation

The Parish Council are in receipt of a donation of £1,000 from Riverford Organics, which is being held on behalf of the Parish.  Community groups in the Parish are now invited to come forward with appropriate green/ecological initiatives which might benefit from this fund.


Deadline for form to be with the Parish Clerk:

Wednesday 31 March 2021



  1. Group/Organisation Details


Group/Organisation Name:


Charity Registration No. (if applicable):



  1. Main Contact (for this application)




Position in Organisation:


Email address:



  1. Brief Outline of Project/Initiative:

Please include details of each of the following, as applicable:

Project location; key aims; expected outcomes; lasting impact; groups/sections of the community your project will benefit and any previous experience of delivering successful projects.







  1. Project Timescale/Estimated Start Date/Estimated Completion Date:





  1. Evidence of Need

Please explain the problems, issues or needs your project aims to address.







  1. Grant Sought


This grant:                           £


Total project cost:            £

(Note – VAT that you cannot reclaim can be included)



  1. Other Funding Sources


Please list other funding sources, including the amount and whether funding is secured or pending.






  1. Signature




Signed:                                                                             Date:




Please send your completed application form to:


Karen Smith

Staverton Parish Council Clerk

1 James Close






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