1m tall oak trees available from Sustainable Dittisham – min 30p donation



Creating Habitat and raising funds for Sustainable Dittisham

We have at least 600 bare root oak trees, most around 1m tall. Trees provide valuable habitat, retain soil and water and store CO2. You could be planting them on your land for a minimum donation of 30p per tree. All funds raised will go to a general Sustainable Dittisham fund to be used for other good projects in the area. The cost of the trees is being covered by one of our members so it ALL goes to Sustainable Dittisham. Please tick the gift aid part of the donation form because then your donation is raised by an extra 25% and please do consider donating a bit more than the minimum, 30p/tree is already pretty good value for an oak tree this size.

Provenance: The trees are UK grown from UK seed

Species: Quercus robur, Pedunculate Oak

The Parish of Dittisham Charity is kindly allowing us to fundraise through them which means that we can reclaim gift aid on your donations. The form has the payment details on it.

Download the donation form

Trees can be collected from Capton on the way to Dittisham. Just email me, Sune Nightingale, via coordinator@sustainabledittisham.org to arrange that once you have made your donation.

Please do tell your friends about this, particularly anyone who owns land. Thank you.

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