How to Reduce CO2 – Domestic Heating & HW

This page to be used as a repository of links to green alternatives – Pros & Cons / costs / grants. Gradually build this up as we share information between ourselves.

Where to start

The government’s Renewable Heat Calculator gives overall advice including how much grant you’ll get for the different green heating options. You have to enter some basic information on the structure of your home (wall type, insulation etc). This is a good place to start.

Options to reduce usage. [Research what grants available]

How to make your home more efficient

Air or ground source heat pumps operate at a lower temperature, and so your insulation has to be up to scratch. Information to be provided below on how to improve insulation.

Simon Oldridge has bought a thermal imaging camera which can highlight any insulation issues in your home. Contact him on 07889 379910. Simon is asking for voluntary donations of £5-£10 if you want to borrow it. It cost £430.

Other things

  • Mention significant cost efficiency in laying ground source pipes if any building work being done / new build
  • Should we give recommendations – or maybe allow parishioners to add recommendations of companies they’ve used?


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