My Pledge for Nature

Please join us and make a Pledge for Nature, and be part of a growing movement in the UK, to save our threatened wildlife, bees, insects and plants.

We are all aware of the shocking statistics showing the decline of biodiversity that threatens our climate, food sources and water. It can make you feel powerless but together we can make a significant difference by pledging a small or large project in our garden or land that support biodiversity so our children and grandchildren can still enjoy nature in the future and the planet benefits.

How to take part

Choose from our menu of projects for your garden or land. There’s something for everyone, all ages, purses, families, fitness levels and expertise. Your pledge will be recorded on the interactive map on this website.

Click on the boxes below for links to useful advice websites. Choose which pledges you want to make then fill in the easy pledge form. Our team will add the appropriate symbol over your garden on the map.


Text2: Please choose 1 or more activities from below and help save nature.
We call this, “Creating a Pledge for Nature”.The more people who join the movement, the more pledges we can gather and the bigger the difference we can make together. Why not become a Nature Champion today?Each season we will announce new calls-to-action that are aimed at tackling our local nature priorities.

What to do next…

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