Lift sharing

Join the new Staverton Car Sharing Facebook page here.


If you’re looking for a lift somewhere, just post on the Facebook group.  If you’re a driver, then once a member, you will receive notifications from Facebook when someone posts looking for a lift.  You will need a Facebook account.

This excellent initiative was conceived of by Brian Hickey who has kindly set up the lift share group.  If you have any questions, you can contact Brian at – or just post your question on the Facebook page.

Further Info

The aim is for people who want to go somewhere to be able to share a car with someone locally who is heading in the same direction.  Maybe you need a lift into town, or to the hospital or the market or to work. The group aims to match people with cars to those who want a lift.

Hopefully it will be a fun and friendly experience. An opportunity to meet new people, help others and create community spirit in an environmentally friendly way.

It’s open to everyone. Just say where you want to go and when. Maybe you want a regular trip or just a once only journey.

Hopefully, as the group grows, so will the opportunities for travel. You can rest assured that someone with a car will be going your way!

Try it out! Give it a go!click here to go to the Facebook group.

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