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The Night sky

We  have had some lovely clear nights and Venus has been shining brightly in the Western sky during the evening.  Tomorrow Venus will be in front of the Pleiades and if it is clear will be a good sight to see with naked eyes or binoculars.

I took a half good photo of the moon last week when it was just a crescent. My goal for this year is to perfect my moon photography and map the craters. I will post one when I am pleased enough with it.

When observing the moon on Sunday I saw a stream of satellites crossing the sky in a line. It was starlink, Elon Musk's array of communication satellites.  It was very impressive although I am not sure I agree with letting him launch so many satellites. Look on Heavens Above to find out when you can see this again or ISS.

I know I am not the only Stavertonian who looks up at the stars and planets.  Why not post here about what you have been looking at in the Night Sky.


Click on this link for great star trail pictures.


Look up to see SpaceX's Starlink satellites this evening around 9:33. Best to look from 9:25 until 9:40. They will take 6 mins to pass, travelling west to east, starting at 10 degree elevation from the west horizon rising to 60 degrees elevation and dropping to 10 degrees at the east horizon.

I believe there's some controversy over the brightness of these satellites, impeding astronomical observations.  But then apparently they may allow people in places like China with cheap uncensored access to the internet...

Happy Birthday Hubble Space Telescope



Uploaded files:

Spacex is launching two astronauts to go to ISS tonight Wednesday 27th May and we have a chance to see the rocket in our skies above Staverton

The rocket will lift-off at around 4.33pm EDT (9.33pm BST), and if it all goes to plan, it means we could see the rocket flying over the UK 15 minutes later, which will be around 9.45-9.50pm.

It should be going from west to east and will take about 4 mins to cross the sky.

The sun will have set but sky will be quite light at this time so we will have to look closely.



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