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Post Boxes in Staverton

This may be a very boring post (about post), but just sharing the following in case it saves someone else lots of trips to stare at post boxes!

Having needed to post a couple of care packages to family members but wanting to minimise contact, I've learned that you can pay for postage online (& print and stick on envelope/parcel) provided it can fit through a letterbox (anything larger you have to take in to post office). Here is more info on that:

Below are the weekday post box collection times I found around the village:

Post Box by bus shelter - can't fit parcels, picked up at 4:30pm weekdays.

Post Box at Staverton Mill - could fit a parcel, picked up at 9am weekdays.

Post Box in Huxhams Cross - can fit parcels, picked up at 4:30pm weekdays.

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