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Use this forum to post comments and discuss matters with others in the parish. First-time users need to click on the “Register” option in the menu bar immediately below.  When you come back next, you’ll see an option to “log in”.

Please keep to the chat forum rules when posting.  Thank you.

Unfortunately this forum doesn’t support uploading images at the moment.

Please or Register to create posts and topics.

Poll:allow anonymous posts?

Should this chat area allow anonymous posts or should it require people to register and log in before posting?
Allow anonymous posts
Require people to be logged in

How should we set up this chat area?  If we set it to require people to be logged in, there'll be the need to register once by filling in a short online form with name, username, password.  You would then need to log in each time you wanted to post a comment.  Your browser should store your username and password so you won't need to remember it.

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