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Garden plants


With garden centres being closed, I am a bit bereft! There will be no jolly pots and hanging baskets this year. So I’m going to spend time focussing on what I have. I’m going to sew all my old seeds and see what comes up. As soon as I get some compost delivered 😉 IF anything comes up, I will put them outside my front gate with an honesty box asking for donations to a suitable charity. First instinct would be to raise funds for our local facilities - Court Room, playing field and pavilion, but if anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know. I also have some potted up plants that I don’t have room for - a couple of fuchsias which have red leaves and very elegant flowers and a bearded iris. When I tidy up the garden, I may also find some things that have taken root or self-seeded. Will let you know when there is anything worth venturing into Moor Road for.

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Ian Catherall

I am looking for a clematis at the moment. Any joy?


Sorry, Alison, no clematis 🙁

I need some seed compost. Does anyone know where to source this at the moment.?


Really struggling to get compost. Ordered some from Marshalls but still waiting for it to come. Got some from Amazon, but very expensive. If you find out where to get any, please let me know.

We have a vegetable patch that is largely ignored each year. We have committed to doing our part this year by sowing all the patches, and reduce our reliance on buying in. Watch this space. From past experience, we may end up with a glut at times, and will use this forum to let others know.

We always have a glut of something. Hence the cucumbers I kept bringing to meetings last year. Perhaps we can work out some way of sharing our glut with others in some way that fits in with staying at home as much as possible. Hopefully movement may be a little freer by the time our produce is ripe. Let’s hope.


just to let you know Tom's ( the replacement for Tuckers), in Ashburton is doing a delivery service for garden supplies - compost grow bags etc. Also pet food ann animal supplies Tel 01364 654776

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Wendy BPhil Nixon

Just phoned Toms and they have no compost at all. Won’t have any until lockdown is lifted. 🙁

Hi - Fermoys will deliver orders - free delivery for orders over £50, they will take orders over the phone only


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Wendy B

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