Someone is moving the goalposts on the playing field to form a small football pitch, and THIS IS WHY THEY MUST NOT:
The playing field is a designated emergency night landing site for the Devon Air Ambulance, and they require a landing zone free of obstructions. The goalpost nearest to the pavilion is parked off the pitch and out of the zone by its owners, Totnes & Dartington FC. The field is regularly monitored by DAA and if there is an obstruction they will immediately close the landing site down until it has been cleared.
If you know anyone involved in playing on the pitch, other than St Christopher’s school and T&D FC then please pass this information on. A life may literally depend on it.
If these unknown users are wanting to use the field again and want to make it a legitimate thing, then please contact . We are not wanting to punish or hinder, and we may be able to help!

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