Superfast Broadband Update

Below is an email update received by Staverton Parish Council from “Connecting Devon & Somerset”.  Quite a few areas in the parish can now obtain much faster broadband speeds.

However, if you have a line connected direct to the exchange (rather than to a cabinet), you won’t be able to get superfast because BT haven’t made the investment (and are making very nice profits…).    But, the good news, is that I’ve found an alternative, which is superfast broadband over the 4G network from a company called Air Fibre.   This is a new way of receiving internet over the airwaves.  I believe you need to have line of sight to a radio mast from your roof (e.g. the Marldon mast) for this to work.  But it looks interesting and could be the future of broadband.

Here’s the email from Connecting Devon & Somerset:

Dear Staverton,

Connecting Devon and Somerset has brought fibre connections to areas in your parish with cabinet STAVERTON 4 going live. Most homes and businesses at the below postcodes can connect to superfast speeds via fibre enabled cabinets and parish residents in these areas should contact an ISP to get upgraded.


The Connecting Devon and Somerset programme is being successfully rolled out across the area and to date over 260,000 premises are now able to access superfast broadband services.

We would be grateful if you would help CDS spread the word about the availability of the service and help us drive take up amongst your area by announcing the development in the parish publication, website or on social media.

To see which other areas have been connected by the programme see the link below to the CDS website for an interactive map:

Our support programme, Get up to Speed, runs free talks and workshops to help businesses and communities boost digital skills to make the most of faster broadband. If you think your area would benefit, you can find out more about the service and contact details at

If there are any premises that are not in programme and receiving speeds less than 2Mbps they are eligible to apply for our voucher scheme subsidy, link below, to cover installation of an alternative broadband technology.

This is an interim measure designed to bring at least 10Mbps to a property while details of further superfast rollout are finalised.

We will continue to update you as new areas in your parish are able to obtain superfast broadband and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,


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