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Parish Clerk

Karen Smith  – Please contact by email: click here and fill in the contact form (avoiding showing email addresses due to them picked up for spam).  For urgent matters, please call 07929 032570.

1 James Close, Elburton, Plymouth, PL9 8PX

The clerk is a part time role.  Karen works on Mondays and Wednesdays.  If you contact outside these hours, then unless urgent, Karen will respond on her next working day.

Parish Lengthsman

Parish lengthsmen were previously employed by SHDC with responsibility for keeping drains and bundle holes clear, removing mud from road surfaces etc.  These people have all been made redundant as a result of government cuts over recent years.  Staverton Parish Council does not have the budget to replace the lengthsman but it has committed funds for 80 hours of contract work over this financial year.  Our contractor’s details are below.

Jake Richards
Mobile No. 07938 149218

Parish Councillors

Welcome to our new councillor Wendy Bloomer.  Very many thanks to Sacha Hubbard for her contribution over the last two years.  Thanks also to Michael Loverock for his excellent chairmanship.  The role of chair has now been passed to Wendy Warren.

Wendy Warren (Chair)Home: 01803 762242
Mobile: 07962 189593
Allotments & Wolston Green, Personnel Committee
Ian Catherall
(Vice Chair)
Click to email
Tel: 01803 762144
Landscove Playground, NP, Wolston Green, Finance
Michael LoverockClick to email
Tel: 01803 762677
Assistant Snow Warden, NP, Staverton Playground, TRAYE, Finance
Wendy BloomerClick to email
Mobile: 07874227639
PC Rep Courtroom & Playing Field Committee. Personnel Committee
Bruce ThorogoodClick to email
Tel: 07974 678270
Footpaths, NP, Emergency Planning
Rupert LuscombeClick to email
Tel: 01803 762335
John ForteClick to email
01803 762423
Trees, Personnel Committee
Raymond Hill (Planning Committee Chair)01803 762453Footpaths, Personnel Committee
Simon OldridgeClick to email
Tel: 07889 379910

Email addresses are not listed due of the problem of them being picked up by spammers.  But you can click on one of the links above to email a councillor via a web form.

Devon County Councillor

Jacqi Hodgson – Click to email – Tel: 01803 840526 / 07922 411266

South Hams District Councillor

Jacqi Hodgson – Click to email – Tel: 01803 840526 / 07922 411266

Introducing the team:

CP-MikeLoverock Michael Loverock:  I have lived in Staverton village since 1981 with my wife and four children, I was a local General Practitioner in Totnes until I retired 4 years ago. I believed our practice should be very much a part of the local community and very much supported the local Community hospital where I also worked for 30 years. I sub specialised in Diabetes and Care of the Elderly, sitting on the South West Committee for Diabetes UK and I was a Hospital Grade practitioner running the Day Hospital for the Elderly in Totnes for 18 years.My four children, before fleeing the nest, all went to Landscove primary school and then onto Kevics in Totnes, I was Chairman of the school governors at Landscove for some years and more recently a school governor for the Totnes Federation of Primary Schools.I have, over the years, been involved in many local community activities including Staverton Fayre, Staverton courtroom and playing field committee, Staverton church 700yr celebrations and I am one of four trustees for Staverton courtroom. I also sit on the newly created Staverton Wildlife Conservation management board.Now I am retired I would like to give some of my time to keeping this wonderful parish as a place to be proud of. I believe a democratic Parish council should listen and respond to the concerns of all the local residents and be accessible to all. If elected I promise to do my best to listen and act in the best interest of all our residents.
CP-IanCatherall Ian Catherall (Vice-chair):  I have lived in Landscove with my wife Helen for 12 years.  We have two children and two dogs, which helps us keep actively engaged in local events and I even took a lead role in the Landscove Pantomime.  We run a small house building and renovation business, Cedar Tor Ltd, and are proud to say that we have worked extensively in both Landscove and Staverton.  I have been a Parish Councillor for one year, during which time I was actively involved in the sale of the Wildlife Area, both on behalf of the Parish Council, and the Staverton Wildlife Conservation Society.
 CP-WendyWarren Wendy Warren (Chair):  I am a full time GP, and have recently moved back to Devon.I have 3 almost grown up children.
I am actively involved in the community, being secretary of Landscove Village Hall committee and regularly help with community events.
I am passionate about community, the environment and preserving our beautiful area. I am in the process of restoring Pennywell Orchard using the planting plans of 1940’s.
I have been actively involved in health commissioning and one of my roles has been lead for patient and public involvement … I believe that as much as possible the people in the community should be involved in decision making and am used to finding ways to help this happen.
I will be in the kitchen at the next Landscove breakfast market if anyone would like to meet me.
CP-RayHill Ray Hill:  I was born, have lived and worked in the Parish all my life but for eight years spent in Western Australia. Married with two sons. My wife and I ran a farming and cider making business distributing throughout Devon and Cornwall. I have previously served as a Parish Councillor during a period when many of the parish assets we now use and enjoy were acquired. If elected I would strive to maintain, improve and enhance facilities and services within the Parish.
Wendy Bloomer Wendy Bloomer: moved to the South Hams with my husband in 1979 and have lived in Staverton for the last 25 years. I feel very fortunate to live in such a lovely place. I trained as a teacher and taught for 5 years in Birmingham, but have since done a huge variety of jobs, including running my own small business. Since1991 I’ve been working for Devon Libraries, spending 20 years on the frontline in 4 different libraries and the past 5 years as a County Development Officer. This involved project planning, management and monitoring. I’ve enjoyed working as part of a team, but also managed projects alone. These included running an annual programme of health and wellbeing activities across the county and a Heritage Lottery Fund project at the Railway Studies Library in Newton Abbot. I retired recently and now have time and energy to do something useful for the community that I love.
CP-BruceThorogood Bruce Thorogood:  I have lived in Staverton for 20 years. When we moved here from Dartmouth our sons were eleven and thirteen and I was running my own business. Now our sons are in their thirties and I am retired. While leading the successful recent campaign to buy the Nature Reserve from the parish council, I became aware the council wasn’t functioning as well as it should be. I am standing for election to play my part in making the council more open, accountable and creative for the benefit of us all. I believe we now have a great opportunity to form a dynamic and progressive new council that will listen and react to the wishes of parishioners and take a lead in encouraging community led projects and activity.
  Rupert Luscombe: I have lived in between Staverton and Landscove for the past 18 years with my wife and two children who have grown up in the area attending first Landscove primary and then KEVICC. I believe we are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country and want to make sure we look after it for future generations to enjoy. My family has been involved with helping out at the Staverton and Landscove Garden Show for many years and I feel that events like this really give great opportunities for the community to get together and have fun. I firmly believe that a parish council needs to listen and act in the best interests of all residents. I will listen and react to the wishes of parishioners and like to think I am approachable, hard working and enthusiastic.
CP-JohnForte John ForteI’ve lived in Staverton for twelve years and have two teenage sons at Kevicc. While organising the village photograph last year for the 700th anniversary celebrations of the church, I was aware that many of the hundred or so parishioners who turned out, didn’t know each other. If elected, I want the council to be proactive in encouraging our community to become more cohesive and better integrated in a similar way to our neighbouring villages.
 CP-SimonOldridge Simon OldridgeI moved to Staverton around 8 years ago with my wife, Louise, and three children.  I recently created this new parish website with the aim of bringing the community closer together – as well as providing a communication channel between parishioners and the parish council. I’m a strong believer in democratic accountability and believe that the parish should be run in accordance with the wishes of its residents.

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