Staverton Parish Council budget and accompanying notes:

Fin Year 2019/20

Key reasons for this year’s 11.8% increase are:

  • Increase in clerk’s hours from 10 to 11 per week due to extra work created by reduced support from SHDC and DCC following continued government cuts.  Mileage is up, but more than offset by reductions in phone and home office charges.
  • £1,200 budgeted for lengthsman services.  DCC have made all their lengthsman redundant.  There is now virtually no maintenance of drains, removal of mud from the road, trimming around signs etc.  SPC cannot make up for the work previously done by DCC without a very significant precept increase.  This amount will go some way towards covering the most urgent work.  The roads however will deteriorate quickly without a properly government funded maintenance program.
  • An allowance has been made for increased support to the Staverton courtroom in order to cover insurance costs.
  • Unavoidable charges for playground inspections have jumped after many years at a low level.
  • Audit costs (external / internal) are jumping up £130.  Previously unsustainably low.  We do not expect and would not accept any significant increase for some time now.

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Fin Year 2018/19

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Financial Year 2016/17

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