Information Re ANRAN and the Pub

The Holiday Season at Anran.

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on developments at Anran following feedback from local residents. We are aware that some of the events held at Anran have the potential to cause concern, especially on a still summers evening when the sound of music travels over the village. We would like to apologise for any excessive noise as we always stipulate to wedding guests of the need to consider the community, especially if the music is loud. We have now installed sound regulators which in effect automatically cut off live music if it exceeds a pre-determined sound level. We sincerely hope this will have a positive effect this summer. In addition, we have now limited the number of functions held in both indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure any noise can be regulated more effectively. On limited occasions when fireworks are requested by guests we will communicate dates/times in advance via the Staverton email messaging system to minimise any distress to residents including animals/pets.
Anran has become a popular wedding venue due to the charm of both St Matthews & St Paul de Leon Church’s with weddings often booked on personal recommendation, resulting in 12 bookings this year. Guests are continually impressed by the charm of our surrounding villages, community hospitality, local pubs, restaurants and B&B’s which we seek to support with personal recommendations.
You will have noticed the renovation of the local Pub which has resembled a BBC DIY SOS project at times. For us, village pubs such as the Live & Let Live contribute to the heart of communities which is one of the reasons we chose to live in the village. The pub was facing an uncertain future and in imminent danger of closing. In order to ensure its continuity, we along with the new team have been instrumental in the full renovation. It will now be run by Hayley, Ian and Joe who have now taken over the reins and re open on Thursday 11th April. We hope that everyone will give them their support and make this once again a thriving place for the community.
Edwin and Mike.

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