Neighbourhood Plan – online questionnaire now available

The  Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire is now ready to roll after a sterling effort from the volunteers on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.   Printed copies will be delivered from next week, but the online version is ready now.  Please, if you can, complete the online version rather than the paper version.  Volunteers will have to type all handwritten versions into the computer, and so every questionnaire completed online saves time.  Click here for the explanatory letter from John Flaherty of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.


i have moved here recently and before i came did not know about the seasonal farm traffic between landscove and ashprington(i think) . This as i am sure you all knwo concsists of 4 large tractors and trailers going backwards and forwards from 7 am to 11 pn at night 7 days a week. this means basically one comes past every 10 minutes.
I appreciate the farmers have a business to run however this is not a few tractors passing but industrial scale traffic on a small road and is a major disturbance as they are extremely noisey particulary as they accelerate up the hill .. i wonder if the pssibility of the farmers using an alternate route every so often ay for a few days giving periods of break to residents on the route?
Best regards
chris jackson

Slow down traffic through Sea Trout S-Bend

I think that a lot of people drive dangerously fast through the S-bend uphill from the Sea Trout, and that action is needed to address this.  My view is that vehicles ought to be somehow encouraged to limit their speed to 15 mph in order to make this section safe for pedestrians and other drivers.  Can the Parish Council do anything about this?  Could we have advisory speed limits painted on the road?