Join your Parish Council to make a real difference at a local level

Today, Thursday 12th December, is General Election day (in case you hadn’t noticed!). On that theme, your local Parish Council want to invite you to be part of our local government. We need to find a new Councillor by a process called co-option, which means that people may put themselves forward without going through a local election process.

Who can be a Parish Councillor?
You must be:

  • At least 18 and a British, Commonwealth or European Union Citizen
  • On the electoral roll for the area or have worked or occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises in the district for at least a year

You do not have to be a member of a political party, or be over a certain age to join.

What does a Parish Councillor do?
At a basic level, attend monthly meetings (held on the first Wednesday of the month, alternating between Staverton and Landscove), where planning and community matters are discussed. You can join or lead a Working Group (like the Neighbourhood Plan or Climate Emergency), advocate for changes in our area by speaking to our District Councillor, look after our public spaces and allotments, and just generally seek to make this Parish continue to be a lovely place to live.


If you are interested, please send a brief paragraph about yourself and what you can bring to the role to the Clerk. The Clerk, Karen Smith, can be contacted on

If you would like to have an informal chat about what it is like to be a Parish Councillor (from a fellow new Councillor), then give Cllr. Carmen Talbot a call/email on 01803 762836 /

Parliamentary General Election – Notice of Persons Nominated

The Statement of Persons Nominated for the Totnes Constituency is attached and has been published on the SHDC website.


The Statement of Persons Nominated, Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations can be viewed below:

Statement of Persons Nominated and Situation of Polling Stations – Totnes Constituency

Icon for pdf Totnes Constituency (Printable PDF) [60.58KB]

The Notice of Election Agents can be viewed below:

Icon for pdf Totnes Constituency [10.36KB]

Update on Phone Box Consultation


There were 12 email responses to the public consultation about the unused phone box in Landscove; of those 10 supported selling the phone box and 2 wanted it kept.

There were also comments on the Parish Council’s Facebook page which suggested using the phonebox as a book swap.

The Parish Council has been approached directly by a parishioner who lives close to the box and is very keen to keep it, and to this end has volunteered to maintain and look after it.

The Parish Council decided it was only fair to allow this Parishioner suitable time to make this kind offer work and the matter will be reviewed once again in a year’s time.

Waste & Recycling Survey

You may have heard that South Hams District Council are making improvements to recycling and waste collections over the next couple of years and we would like your opinion on the way we tell you about these changes.

Complete this survey for a chance to win a guided tour of the Energy from Waste facility in Plymouth – a state of the art resource which uses your waste that cannot be recycled to produce heat and energy for local businesses.

This survey is available online at .

The full response to this survey will be anonymised.

Landscove Village Hall cleaning and painting party

Dear neighbours,
Now the roof and lights have been completed on the Village Hall, we need to paint the exterior and clean the interior, ready for use in October. We plan a cleaning and/or painting day on Saturday 29th September. If you can spare some time (even an hour or so), please come along and join in. Please can you bring cleaning and painting equipment, buckets, dustsheets, stepladders, ladders, brushes, rollers, masking tape, cloths, dusters, etc etc from 10.00am. Suzie will endeavour to keep you topped up with sausages etc. If you require vegetarian / gluten free etc then please bring your own and she will sort it for you.

Giles Hammersley 07767350408

Extend 30mph zone to the west of Staverton?

I think the 30mph speed limit on the west of Staverton should be extended and I am considering pushing this in my role as parish councillor.  My thoughts are that it should stretch out to encompass the steam railway station – possibly just beyond Louise Watson’s house where the road starts uphill towards Riverford.  And then also over the bridge to around the location of Staverton Bridge Nursery.

An increasing number of people are using the road to connect from the village centre to the playing fields, the station or the bridge.  Yes, there’s a path along the river but that’s not always convenient.  And there are a number of houses along new lane whose front gates exit immediately onto the road, making it very dangerous if cars are travelling too fast.

I see the station, the bridge and the playing fields as important parts of the village.  The first two in particular help attract tourists and generate income for the village.  It therefore doesn’t make sense to signal that these locations aren’t in the village by placing them outside the 30mph zone.

I’ve heard the argument that speed limits don’t necessarily slow people down, and there’s no doubt that some people will ignore them.  But I think the vast majority of people will slow down when they enter 30mph zone.  It’s effectively a helpful signal that you’re entering a village, which is not always obvious with all the thick hedges hiding houses away.

I’ve had an informal discussion with DCC highways representative about this, and the opinion I got back was that DCC are very careful about agreeing to extend 30mph limits.  I get the impression it would take a lot of work.

So I’m floating the idea to see what people think.  How many people agree with me?   Should I push for this?  And if we’re going to do this, I think we’ll need lots of community support – letters, lobbying etc.  The online neighbourhood plan questionnaire is now available – see home page for a link.  If you feel strongly about this issue, make sure you complete a questionnaire, which gives you the option to highlight traffic speeds as an issue.

I’m sure there are other areas in the parish too that need attention, but this is the one I know best.

If you agree, or have thoughts, could you click the “thumb” below and leave a comment please.