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Car Sharing

I had an appointment at Torbay Hospital today and they asked me not to drive home after some minor surgery. Previously, friends or family have been able to transport me but this was not possible today. I might have asked my neighbours if they could help but I took a taxi at a return cost of £50.

It occurred to me that many people may not be able to incur this expense and, certainly, I would prefer not to.

I note the suggestion on the website about improving local bus services which seems to have some support. I think it unlikely that the local bus service will improve and so I’m wondering if it might be possible to form a transport club/forum whereby folks who want to go somewhere can be in touch with others who are going somewhere.

For example, I might have posted a request on a forum for someone to give me a lift to Torbay Hospital today if they were going in that direction.

Car sharing has got to be a good idea in any event. I always respond to people hitching a ride locally if I can.

Maybe several people go into Totnes every Friday to the market, for example. In separate cars with separate parking charges!

Oh, and then there is travel to work!

I’m sure car sharing can help to build community spirit and create friendships – a practical and fun way to bring people together in an environmentally friendly way.

I don’t have a fully prepared solution but I am sure there are folks who could put this together and, if there is support,  I would be willing to help take this suggestion forward.